Dispensary Data Coalition

What is the Dispensary Data Coalition?

We are building the country’s largest cannabis-related sales insights database by forming a coalition of dispensaries who each agree to provide their sales data for integration with data sourced from the largest cannabis consumer research study in the world. Together the sales and consumer data represent the industry’s most comprehensive information asset on legalized cannabis.

How we protect data

Sales data that are shared are never accessible by anyone else in a traceable manner that ties the data to the providing dispensary. Rather data are scrubbed of any traceable content prior to be loaded into the database and combined with data provided by other coalition participants. There is never a risk of anyone other than the providing dispensary and the coalition management ever being exposed to traceable data.

In return for participation in the coalition dispensaries receive the following:

1) Personalized reports comparing their individual performance to an aggregated rest-of market view

2) Insights into how merchandising and product pricing compares to an aggregated rest-of market view

3) Consumer insights that help to grow sales among existing customer base and better understand how to attract new customers to their store

4) Identification of risks and opportunities based upon the specifics of their trade area and the level of competition that exists within it

5) Metrics on related industries that directly or indirectly can impact cannabis sales such as Over-the Counter Medications, RX, Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco, and others

6) A share of revenue obtained from non-coalition entities who pay for insights obtained through the aggregated dataset.

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