Joe Damante

Joe has built an impressive career as an analytic database engineer developing software and analytic processing platforms and utilities for leading business information companies including IRI and Kantar. He has the rare combination of understanding the analytic value of the data he works with along with the technical mastery to determine the appropriate methods to slice and aggregate it in any way required to deliver value through its use. Joe has created analytic platforms ranging from transactional purchase data sourced from over 50MM loyalty card users across several years to store by store point- of-sale data sourced from virtually every consumer packaged goods retailer in the country. The systems he has developed outperform industry standard SQL and third party BI tools from Oracle, IBM, and others in terms of speed to develop, processing efficiency and timing, and analytic flexibility.

Joe has also created product and site specific dictionaries containing descriptive attributes, ETL processes, and advanced segmentation, marketing mix, and ROI analytic models and statistical processes that would be unobtainable through using third-party statistical packages. Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Economics from Rutgers.