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Cross-Industry Risks and Opportunities Assessment

Our analytics provide an understanding of how Cannabis can impact other related industries under a variety of regulatory scenarios. Whether it is through substitutability of marijuana for other products, a need for more discretionary income for the purchase of cannabis products, or a desire to visit a Rest legalized market we’ve created a database that details category and brand risks and opportunities resulting from the legalization of recreational and medicinal cannabis.

As with other analytics, our insights extend beyond what has happened in already legalized markets into what WILL happen should legalization occur, and based upon the product categories impacted by a particular piece of regulation.

CannaMapTM Trade Area Modeling

CannaMapTM is a proprietary tool that allows building trade areas and forecasting localized demand. The Cannabiz Consumer Group is able to take its complete suite of analytics to a localized level based upon distance to a dispensary or drive-time minutes with times calculated based upon the saturation of each custom geography.

Our CannaMapTM offering pinpoints specific competitive industry brands and retail establishments within a localized geography. Armed with this information manufacturers and retailers can take action to protect their franchise through an understanding of which areas of the country are currently at the greatest risk and which areas are most at risk as legalized recreational use is passed.

As an example, we profile trade areas on number of users and non-users, formulations, key barriers that the specific trade area population has in become a user, characteristics that can activate additional sales for the localize customer-base, need states, and propensities to migrate to and from competitive industries such as over-the counter medications, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco.

Market Measurement and Sales Forecasts

Our CannaUseTM report provides insights into industry sales and product segment share along with modeled estimated sales for non-legalized markets. As we continue to source sales data from cooperating dispensaries we will provide trended and lower level sales and share metrics at more granular levels.

Armed with Market Measurement data our clients gain understanding of the size of the pie and scenario-based projections of future sales displaced by medicinal and recreational marijuana, such as over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and alcohol products.

Decomposition and Customer Insights

Sales yield performance metrics and benchmarks, but CannaUseTM decomposes sales further into two components: the % of the population purchasing and the average dollars spent per purchaser.

The service also provides insights into preferred formulations, dispensary loyalty, and product and dispensary attributes that drive sales. CannaUseTM measures lapsed purchasers, why they left, and even providing details on sizing the non-user base along with an understanding of major barriers that would need to be overcome to convert them into customers.

Consumer Segmentation and Targeting

By overlaying a proprietary insights engine on top of the CannaUseTM dataset, the Cannabiz Consumer Group segments respondents into actionable purchaser, user, and non-user groups based upon their reported behaviors, demographics, usage patterns / barriers to use, actual or expected products and formulations of choice, and hundreds of other dimensions.

By crossing segments against other segments the Cannabiz Consumer Group provides an understanding of the industry that can be leveraged for business operations, product assortment, pricing, in store marketing and merchandising activities, and increase efficiencies in digital and non-digital advertising and promotion.

Promotion, Marketing Effectiveness and ROI

Not leaving too much money on the table relative to product pricing, understanding the impact of a promotions and price reductions, and measuring the performance of marketing, messaging, and advertising / communications is both a science and an art.